Fantasy Football Substitution Tool

Some fantasy football games allow weekly substitutions (usually limited or a point deduction penalty). This is a great way of keeping interest in a fantasy league, but means a bit more work as a player. I thought rather than checking each week to see what teams had 'easier' or extra games, some automated tool could be of use. Hence the following substitution calculator.

Quick guide -
The weeks coming fixtures should be shown (premierleague fantasy game schedule used). Alter team weightings (if you wish) to current form/your thoughts of 'good' teams/league positions (low=better teams, high=worse teams - Default values based on last seasons league positions, promoted clubs being at the bottom). Click 'Calculate' to see what the tool reckons are good clubs to select players from.

Out of Season - no fixtures!

Club weightings (low score better)

In depth guide -
The tool adds up, for each team, the difference of the weightings of the teams they are playing. This of course also takes into account if a team is playing twice (as there will be 2 additions per game week). So the highest scoring teams should be the teams you should be looking to have players from. Have only taken the next 3 game weeks into consideration at the moment, and im scoring teams 1-10. Dont know if that should be more of less, so lots of scope for improvement and refinement. My next thought is that perhaps teams playing at home should get a bonus. Any comments/suggestions, let us know:-