Ex-Pats are Up For Late Nights As The EPL Returns!

The English Premier League has begun again for the 2012/13 season, and ex-pats around the world are back on the couch, sometimes in the early hours of the morning, to indulge in all the fun of the thrilling football matches. London ex-pats have probably put in some late night training watching with pride as their home town hosted the Olympics during August, but the long haul of English Premier League matches awaits.

The new EPL season has kicked off in style with the Community Shield between the two big clubs, Manchester City and Manchester United, and you can bet on the next round of EPL results right now. Soccer bets are already taking place and a lot of money is being staked on the upcoming matches across London and other parts of the world.

So if you see a work colleague with slightly bleary eyes and maybe a few yawns after lunch then you might be looking at an avid EPL fan. Ask them who they support, maybe their betting money is on Chelsea to win the title this year?

There is a huge amount of support for EPL clubs from Ex-pats and an army of fans in places like Australia. Ex-pats and the two big marketing machines that are Manchester United and Liverpool have helped grow fantastic support in Asia as well. But some of the other clubs like Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs are starting to get a following too. Some of the kids at soccer training might be wearing a Lionel Messi blue and red Barcelona shirt or maybe a Ronaldo shirt from Real Madrid, but the EPL shirts are still king.

So the EPL, one of the highlights of international football and probably England’s greatest export after their language, will surely maintain world wide support for generations to come.